Rilasciata openSUSE 42.2 RC2

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Rilasciata openSUSE 42.2 RC2

Messaggioda mae89 » 06/11/2016, 12:09

Douglas DeMaio ha scritto:The development cycle for openSUSE Leap 42.2 Release Candidates (RC) is coming to an end.

RC2, which will be followed by the stable release of openSUSE Leap 42.2 on Nov. 16, is now available for testers after its release today.

“A big change is that the Mesa Nouveau 3D driver was split out to a
separate package as KDE crashes with it on some newer NVidia cards,” wrote release manager Ludwig Nussel to the openSUSE Factory Mailing List.

Users of Leap’s newest version will notice improved capabilities with snapper snapshots based on the btrfs file system, which is the default file system selection. A new btrfs quota concept makes snapper much less disk-hungry and can be manually setup. Snapper is a poka yoke and can give system administrators confident about updating new packages and rolling back the system if an error is made. There is a selection of other file systems for Leap, but benefits of snapper are not available with the other file systems.

Così Douglas DeMaio annuncia il rilascio di openSUSE 42.2 RC2.
Probabilmente si tratta dell'ultimo rilascio RC. Le principali novità di quest'ultima release sono:

- il pacchetto Mesa Nouveau 3D viene fornito in modo separato al fine di evitare crash improvvisi nel mentre si sfrutta il desktop Plasma
- Migliorie al file-system Btrfs

Lista dei pacchetti contenuti: LISTA
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